Irwin Kurz

Photo: Irwin Kurz, Principle helping students in Brooklyn, NY

“When I say artist I mean the one who is building things … some with a brush – some with a shovel – some choose a pen.” – Jackson Pollock

To me, a true artist, is someone who is devoted to building things, creating an impact on this world, has the competence and certainty of the tools, skills and knowledge needed to be successful; they have the imagination and intention to use what they know and can do, and creatively. One is an artist as a parent, a husband or wife, a business person, an athlete, in other words, in any area of life.

In my travels around the world, I have been very fortunate to meet many people who have made an art out of living. Here is a photo of Irwin Kurz (standing to my right in gym shorts) from that great “country” of Brooklyn, NY.   Irwin is a true artist in what he creates and how he lives his life.

Irwin became the principal of a failing school in Brooklyn, NY, both in terms of students academic achievements and the negative attitudes of the students, parents and teachers. Through his innovative leadership it became a beacon of success and what can be accomplished when one has three main areas of emphasis: Intention, Expectation and No Excuses (these are the pillars of Irwin’s success that he stressed with his teachers). His common sense, imaginative approaches helped solve problems, such as how to get parents to be truly involved in their child’s education, and how to gain the support of his staff to achieve common goals. As a result of his success they even added two additional years that students can attend his school.

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This is Andrea Machackova, from the wonderful city of Prague. Andrea works with schools and tutoring centers, known as Basic Study Centers, in the Cezch Republic and Slovakia. She is a woman who truly knows how to make things go right. For example, she was determined to open a new school in Prague, but was constantly surprised by governmental barriers and opposition. She had to be very creative, innovative, and willing to take risks that could have jeopardized the project, but persisted with usual class and intelligence. AND when she thought everything was handled, she got a letter stating her application was no longer valid to open a school, and again she handled it with her usual style that gets others to want to help her achieve her dreams.

Andrea and Irwin have been and are building things that make a positive difference in this world. They are true artists creating masterpieces.

Are you building the things and creating the masterpieces you truly want in your career and educational activities?

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