A beautiful and inspiring view from my travels from Munich to Budapest

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” – Bronnie Ware

A Cup of Goulash – A Symbol of Courage?


Why am I showing you this photo of a cup of Goulash, and using that as a symbol of courage. Well, it is not a symbol of courage, it is a bowl of Goulash – a bowl that I ordered while traveling first class on a train from Munich to Budapest. Just as a cup of Goulash does not symbolize courage, living a life true to yourself does NOT require courage.

It requires a certainty that you know the right path to take that IS true for yourself, your purposes, and the confidence and belief that you can make your true dreams become a reality.  

Courage is defined as the ability to do something that frightens one.

One becomes frightened in the face of uncertainty and lack of belief in one’s ability to overcome the obstacles and barriers one encounters.  On the journey to find and achieve one’s true education or career purpose one will meet with problems, barriers and challenges.  As long as you have belief in yourself and the process you will achieve your goals.  

“Everything turns out right in the end, if it isn’t right, it isn’t the end.”  

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As I am riding on the train from Munich I kept seeing views that were beautiful and even inspiring, such as the one above.

As one faces a future where he/she knows, with certainty, what is the path that is truly the best one for them, and truly believes they can bring their dreams to reality, they can see a view that is both beautiful and inspiring. It does NOT TAKE COURAGE to travel on that path, it takes a willingness to overcome the barriers and obstacles they may face as they move in the direction they have decided.

Over the years I have been able to make my dreams become a reality, and have been traveling the world helping others to know what is the best path for them to take to fulfill THEIR true dreams. Along the way I have enjoyed Goulash and breathtaking views. It did not require courage, it required certainty and belief in my ability to fulfill my dreams.

The Brilliance Program helps create the foundation so that you know what YOU EXPECT OF YOU, and a belief in your ability to achieve those expectations, to fulfill your purposes.

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